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June 11, 2008

Tired of the “Lose 40 lbs. by Summer” Headlines?

We have all done it, we have all been sucked into to skimming those magazines with the “Lose 10-40 lbs. by Summer” headlines.   You know, the ones at the grocery counter check-out with the swimsuit model on the front or the woman that lost 50 lbs with a celebrity “Diet Secret”!  We have all at some point in time succumbed to their promises of a toned, beach-ready body and have shelled out our hard-earned 2-5 dollars only to read it and become frustrated because we desperately want that body of our dreams but have no real idea of how to implement any of the “strategies or secrets” that they are proclaiming.  Recently I was in my local grocery store trying to keep my youngest son from grabbing every candy bar off the shelf, when one such magazine caught my attention.  As I stood there reading this weight loss headline, I wasn’t itching to skim through and discover the secret like I would have been a year ago.  I was actually saddened at the thought that some of these magazines are actually playing on the emotions and desires of women for a “Quick-fix” weight loss or diet program.  The sad part is that many times these types of magazines and others that advertise such claims are actually adding to our frustration and low self-esteem.  The evidence of any good weight loss program is not that it works in a month or overnight, it is simply that it works with out tearing you, your emotions or your family down!  Now, you have to admit that most of the time those articles do not contain enough information or resources to teach us how to get where we want to be.  They are simply a headline-something to get us to purchase that magazine.  If a person wants to really lose weight and keep it off there is only one person that can show you how to do that, it is you!  Only you know your schedule, only you know your physical limitation, only you know why you want to lose weight in the first place.  You are your best ally in the “Battle of the Bulge”.  If you really want to start to create a roadmap for weight loss, then visit http://womansguide.net click on the weight loss link and sign up for the Women’s Lunch Bunch Weekly Ezine, it is free!  Through the webpage and ezine we will learn together and from one another what works and what doesn’t.  One major key to weight loss success is setting goals.  On the website there is an article and short audio on how to set goals and achieve weight loss.  It is free!!  So the next time you are in line at the supermarket and one of those headlines screams at you “Buy me, Buy me!”, you can rest easy knowing that you have a free resource for weight loss.


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