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July 7, 2008

Quick Snack Tip, for Your Kids

Does your child seem to have a bottomless pit? My oldest son used to beg for snacks all through the day, so to keep the whining to a minimum, I made a “Snack basket” (It was an old Easter basket he had) I placed 5-8 snacks in the basket-We had an apple or orange, grapes, a small baggie of crackers a little snack cake or something he chose. We also made a snack card to put into the basket which was his card to get a yogurt or pudding out of the fridge. When he wanted to use the card he would bring it to me and I would put it away for the next day and he would get his snack from the fridge.  Once the snack basket was empty, that was it for the day. He would simply have to wait until lunch or dinner. The first day was not fun because he ran out of snacks before lunch and didn’t have anything for before dinner or after. The next day he caught on and realized that he had to make them last.  Some days we would even have snacks leftover for the next day.  It really helped on my grocery bill-not having to buy snacks all the time, and my sanity, it helped to make him accountable for the snacks he was eating.



July 3, 2008

Beware of PeerGoal.com, Paypal Download Manager, It is a scam or a hoax!!

PeerGoal.com offers a Paypal Download manager from there website, they are listed on the developers page, but I purchased it 3 days ago and still have not received the software or my money back.  Which I asked for once I realized they had not sent the product.  I left 2 messages on the site’s 800 number line and I emailed Adrian (supposed to be the owner) from the webform on the site, every response I have received has been from someone named Sandy, and her responses were that she would not send me my purchased product until “I promised not to file a paypal claim”.  Since yesterday I have been trying to get in touch with the owner but I keep getting voicemail and no return calls.  This Sandy person seems to think it is a game to take peoples money and not send the product.  They have sent me emails saying they would not send the product or install it until I send them a “positive” message! Well my positive messages stopped yesterday after I was told not to contact Paypal, that was a clue that something wasn’t right! Please if anyone else has had problems with this Adrian, Sandy or peergoal.com, please contact Paypal maybe if enough of us complain, then atleast paypal will take them off the developer page.


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