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June 13, 2008

Women Need to Play More

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Work hard, play hard.  Those are words that we have all heard but for some reason as women we do not think we have the time or energy to “play” at all.  I know that this was something I did not do.  I would work all week whether it was at home with the kids or even when I worked outside the home and I would not make time to play.  I might watch a movie with my family every now and then but I was not making time to do the things that I really wanted to do.  I have seen women that spent their entire lives, raising their children, doing for others and even building their careers only to find that when the children are grown, or the job ends they have forgotten the woman that they used to be.  If you ask the average mother what her hobbies are, you will probably get a long pause, and then an answer.  As busy wives and mothers we forget how important it is to take care of ourselves and to feed our own passions in life.  We need to date our husband on a regular basis, we need to go out (or stay in) with our female friends. We need the bonds with other women so that when we look back on our lives we not only see a happy and healthy family, but we remember the good times and special moments with our friends.  We will also be able to see that we are not defined by our jobs, children or husbands, but that we are the unique and wonderful women that God created us to be. 

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June 9, 2008

Keeping Friendships Alive

As busy moms, wives and career ladies it is very easy for us to get wrapped up in work, home and family.  Now there is nothing wrong with loving and wanting to be with your family, but there has to be time that we spend by ourselves and with other women.  As I was surfing the web last week I came across an interesting website http://www.girlfriendcelebrations.com/.  This site is dedicated to helping women build, maintain and nurture those wonderful relationships with our closest gal pals.  If you have not already, I encourage you to check out the site.  Summer is just about in full swing, and I am really looking forward to planning a girl’s night out with, my closest gal pals.  If you have an interesting gal pal party idea or if you and your girls, have a yearly or monthly outing, send me the details.  You and your friends may be featured on the homepage at http://womansguide.net in July.  Have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to keep your friendships alive, they may actually keep you sane! lol.

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